Chlorine and Chloramines Dilemma

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Chlorine and chloramines help our states and water companies to disinfect their water. However, is too much exposure to chlorine a good thing? Uses of Chlorine and Chloramine Municipal water for pools, drinking water, or other public areas are required to be regulated. Chlorine and chloramines are the most common disinfectants used by municipals because… Read more »

Corrosive Water

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Pipes are something we do not spend much time looking at, but whenever something goes wrong with them, we notice. Maybe you had pipes leak before or develop weird blue-greenish stains. These are things many people have experienced and its never pleasant. Leaky pipes or those strange stains don’t always come from outside contusions or… Read more »

Dry Skin Problems

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The winter season is coming our way quickly. The time for hot cocoa and comforters will be here shortly. Despite these enjoyable qualities, wintertime also brings with it some nuisances. One of these nuisances is dry skin. How The Winter Dries Your Skin Over the winter months, when the weather is dry and cold, your… Read more »

The Season For Thankfulness

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The season for thankfulness, family, and scrumptious food is upon us. Thanksgiving is a great time to gather love ones around a table and fellowship. Although loved ones come first, the food you eat this fall season ought to be the best it can. Did you know that soft water can drastically improve your dining… Read more »

Iron In Water

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Opening the shower curtain, ready to take a relaxing shower, you may notice orange stains around the drain. Rust marks, like rivers, may run down the sides of your bath tub. If this is the scenario you find yourself in, you may have an iron problem. Common Iron Problems Although iron does not harm the… Read more »

The Danger of Nitrates

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We all desire clean drinking water. Water we can trust. However, this world is full of pollutants constantly putting our drinking water at risk. One of these potentially dangerous elements is nitrate. What are Nitrates? A nitrate is a chemical compound consisting of one nitrogen atom and three oxygen atoms. This compound will often form… Read more »

The Importance of Drinking Water

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The nectar of life, water, sustains us all. Without it, humanity would turn to dust in a manner of days. Arguably, clean drinking water may be one of the most salient investments anyone can make. Here are three reasons why clean drinking water is so important. Nourishment It may seem painfully obvious that water is… Read more »

Spot Free Clean

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As Spring teases us with warm weather, the time to wash vehicles regularly in the sun is right around the corner. Although the experience can be a delightful one, it may also be a hassle. We love cars that dazzle spot free, but without fail, water spots always seem to leech away at our cars’… Read more »

Dangers of Lead Water

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Calling the ambulance, left arm completely numb, John breaks out into a cold sweat. His blood pressure, left unchecked for years, climaxed, leading to his heart’s downfall. Drinking lead contaminated water for years, John nearly lost his life.   Signs of Lead Lead, by the human senses, is undetectable. Unless you get your water tested… Read more »

Dangerous Bacteria

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          Doubled over a bucket, fever at about 102 degrees Fahrenheit, and chills running down his spine, a man with E. coli wishes he wasn’t sick. E. coli is a very unpleasant bacterium to be infected with. It can leave someone stuck in their house for a week or in extreme cases dead. This man… Read more »