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Have you ever used a non-stick frying pan or other Teflon products? Teflon is a very useful product due to its slippery surface and chemical inertness making it great for cooking, industrial production, and waterproof clothing. However, before 2015, many companies used PFOA to produce Teflon products allowing the chemical to find its way into… Read more »

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Spot Free Rinse Have you ever washed your vehicle on a nice sunny day and when you were all done went inside your house for a glass of refreshing lemonade as you waited for your vehicle to dry? It can be a very relaxing experience, but such an experience can be ruined by white water… Read more »

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If you have discovered a white ring around your faucet or white spots on your dishes, you probably have hard water. Pouring your next glass of water may give you pause as you wonder what you’re drinking. More importantly, you may wonder whether the water you’re drinking is safe. What Is Hard Water? As water… Read more »

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Water Smells Like Sulfur Have you ever smelled a rotten egg before? It’s not only unpleasant, it’s actually rather off-putting. If you ever come across this smell in your water, the culprit is Hydrogen Sulfide. Don’t panic if you have found this stench. The gas is not toxic. It’s just a nuisance and it has… Read more »

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Are Water Softeners Necessary? Chris Knippa of Kinetico Water Softeners San Antonio specializes in installing whole house water softeners across the USA. When you live in South-Central Pennsylvania, it’s not uncommon to come across a few common home water issues. Luxuries such as spot free glassware or soft skin are things that are virtually impossible… Read more »

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Balanced pH in Your Pool Chris Knippa of Kinetico Water Softeners specializes in installing home water systems across the USA. For homeowners with a pool, it’s important to continue regular certified water testing to ensure a well-balanced pH level for not only hours of summer fun, but for the safety of your family. However, understanding… Read more »

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Alkaline Water Source: Digestive Health Team If you believe the marketing materials, alkaline water can increase your energy, hydrate you better than regular water, prevent digestive issues and even slow aging. Science does not support these claims, says Beth Czerwony MS, RD, LD, a Cleveland Clinic registered dietitian. “This may be a case where you slap… Read more »

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Pink Stain in Your Toilet Do you have a problem with reddish-pink staining in your toilet, at the shower curtain and other moist places in the bathroom? You thought you had a water treatment system and that should take care of any water problems, right? It turns out that the reddish-pink staining does not originate… Read more »

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Why Do You Need a Water Softener? Most of the water in US homes is hard water, meaning that it contains dissolved rock such as limestone and iron. Since municipalities are not required to filter out dissolved rock, water hardness is found in both private wells and municipal water. Dissolved rock is usually noticed as… Read more »

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Water Bacteria Sample To protect those who drink your water, you should test annually for: Total Coliform Bacteria (to ensure bacteriologically safe water) Nitrate Nitrogen (to prevent blue-baby disease) Follow the video and directions below to properly pull a water sample to be tested for bacteria.