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Pink Stain in Your Toilet

Do you have a problem with reddish-pink staining in your toilet, at the shower curtain and other moist places in the bathroom? You thought you had a water treatment system and that should take care of any water problems, right? It turns out that the reddish-pink staining does not originate in the water. It is the result of an airborne bacterium that finds an ideal environment for growth when it has moisture and oxygen. It multiplies, causing the telltale pink stain that typically wipes off easily. This is in contrast to iron staining, which is more of a reddish-brown coloration and can be difficult to remove.

Stain Treatment

Iron staining can be treated since it exists in the water and can be removed. The only treatment for airborne bacteria by treating the water is adding chlorine. Sometimes, though, the chlorine dissipates, allowing the bacteria to grow anyway. Many times existing chlorine residuals are removed by the water treatment equipment because of the various harmful effects of chlorine on many household components and because of the offensive nature of chlorine for showering, washing clothes, etc.

Is it dangerous?

Fortunately, the airborne bacteria are harmless. They are merely a nuisance. Airborne bacteria that previously would have leaked out in the exchange of air in the poorly insulated homes of the past are now contained and build up in today’s highly energy efficient homes.

How can I get rid of it?

Unless there is a way to eliminate the bacteria from the air, there is no way to eradicate the reddish-pink stain that shows up. The best way is to get rid of it is to wipe it off when it shows up. Perhaps an air filtration or air exchange system of some type would eliminate the culprit bacteria from the air. This would be outside the realm of the expertise of a water treatment professional and would require the services of an indoor air treatment professional.