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Pipes are something we do not spend much time looking at, but whenever something goes wrong with them, we notice. Maybe you had pipes leak before or develop weird blue-greenish stains. These are things many people have experienced and its never pleasant. Leaky pipes or those strange stains don’t always come from outside contusions or elements, but can be the result of bad water.


Corrosion is the process of metals, such as copper, breaking down into other compounds. This is a natural process that takes place when metal is exposed to oxygen or other elements that oxidize it. That is why an early sign of oxidation is staining. The blue-greenish stains are similar to rust in how they are formed. Often when your water is oxidizing your pipes it’s because your water is acidic. As the acidic water deteriorates your pipes, eventually you will see cracks and pinholes.

Acidic Water

Acidic water, under seven on the pH scale, is concentrated with hydrogen ions which help oxidize metal. Water can become acidic through many sources such as acid rain, chemicals, tree roots, and more. As acidic water runs through pipes, and the hydrogen ions interact with the metal pipes, holes and cracks will form. The more acidic the water is, the faster the corrosion will occur.


If your water is acidic. Don’t fret. There’s hope. To treat acidic water a neutralizer can be added to your water system. An acid neutralizer increases the pH level by adding calcium bicarbonate to your water.  Adding this media will increase your pH level.  Typically, we like to see water pH levels range from 7.0-7.5. 

Martin Water Conditioning

If you are concerned about your water being acidic, there is hope. Our water specialists are able to examine your water and diagnose the problem for your corroding pipes. We will provide you with the proper equipment, a neutralizer, or whatever you may need. We would love to help you!